5 top SEO companies in India-2022

It takes an army to conquer the war and similarly, to dominate the digital world and rule the top position, it takes an army of SEO experts. This army is the biggest asset of any SEO company in India.

The biggest USP of an efficient SEO company is its team of digital marketing experts who work round-the-clock to get their clients the desired ROI.

There are certain traits that all the top SEO companies in India possess which enables them to help their clients’ websites in attracting the desired traffic. These companies utilize sophisticated tools to attract visitors to your website.

These companies acknowledge the fact that SEO is not about tricking Google. It is about partnering with Google to bestow the best search results for its users.

5 top SEO companies in India

Let’s talk about some expert SEO agency in India that you can hire to get your website the desired ranks.

1- PageTraffic

PageTraffic, one of the first and foremost SEO companies in India, started to offer professional search engine optimization services in 2002. From setting new quality standards then to creating new landmarks now, they are trusted for their experience and expertise.

It has a robust team of 95 professionally trained SEO consultants that cater to around 400 campaigns on a month to month basis. The expert to project ratio is one of the highest in the industry. Their goal is to deliver high-impact campaigns rather than work on endless projects.

They are known to help online businesses get better returns on their marketing expenditure, e-commerce sites sell more goods, local businesses dominate their geographic areas and corporate entities have a better brand reputation.

2- InstaServ India Pvt. Ltd.

InstaServ India Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the expert SEO agencies in India. It based in New Delhi, India, holds a robust dominance in the digital marketing world. With 15000+ working hours on Upwork and 1050+ reviews on freelancer, it is one of the most trusted digital marketing agencies worldwide. Since 2007, it has been helping clients to innovate and attain a business that brings productivity, scalability, and sustainability.

It provides customized SEO services and lays out a plan that is tailor made as per the corporate needs of the clients. With a trusted team of innovative thinkers and skilled professionals, InstaServ ensures positive results and client satisfaction.

What sets them apart is their ability to offer quality-driven and praise-worthy services in a budget-friendly manner. They have access to all advanced tools and techniques to keep brands at the top of the trends.

Moreover, it has experts that have mastered the task of utilizing their analytical minds to reap the desired results and to drive through all the roadblocks.

3- SEO daddy

SEO daddy enjoys the top ranks in the list of top SEO companies in India. SEO Daddy is a team of experienced SEO professionals, who have been working since 5 years without relying on outsourcing.

They have emerged as one of the leading names in the field of technical SEO post invading all the territories of SEO that they undertake to enable their clients reap the desired results. They have a promising record that supports their potential to take their clients’ website to new heights on the SERP.

4- SEOValley

SEOValley has remained one of the top-rated and most-awarded digital marketing companies in the world because they abide by their motto : We Deliver

They acknowledge that each dollar you spend matters. They are committed to providing maximum ROI. Owing to the plethora of projects that they have worked on, they have a better understanding about various line-works and have potential to meet the tight delivery time.

Moreover, they possess considerable knowledge about the local and international markets to give you an edge over your competition.

5- SEOTonic

SEOTonic’s growth has been deliberate and steady to ensure adherence to our slogan: Be Honest. Be Loyal. Be Devoted. Its team includes more than 55 experienced web professionals who diligently serve more than 300 active clients around the world.

What makes them one of the top SEO companies in India is that they use black hat tactics. They won’t indulge into false promises as they are aware of the fact that nothing happens overnight and SEO is something that will test your patience.

They are aware of the stiff competition existing in Google searches and how each company is looking to grab the top spot.


A top SEO company will be your flag-bearer and will help your website rule the top ranks on SERPs. It will come out with content that not only attracts customers but will create customers and will give an incredible boost to your advertising campaign.

The above mentioned SEO companies in India have all the traits that must be possessed by an SEO company to be successful. These companies are the best to opt for if you want to generate more traffic to your website.


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